La Beti

Burlesque artist, cabaret poetry fantasy...the perfect entertainer diva for your event!!







Boom Town Fair is one of the most creative and diverse music festivals in the UK.



Embracing its independence, the festival converts a corner of the English countryside into something straight out of a "western come tudor drama" movie set.


My role over the past three years has been playing the character of the Glorious Leader Camarade Jose. My job has been mostly pre festival, lots of speechs and scripts to create the essence of what political propaganda means that then was projected all over in the festival...




















With 22 stages across 9 themed districts vibrating to the soundwaves of everything from folk to jungle, the huge variety of musical artists is joined by a cartload of interactive performers who will immerse festival-goers as they walk the town's streets, turning BoomTown into a dystopian carnival intended to reflect current global society.


Watch this video that will help to understand better the storyline...








Mayor Comrade Jose, elected by the people, for the people, has been brainwashed and become more detached from reality urging to build the brightest palace in the world.



I leave you here with more videos...