Burlesque acts

La Beti

Burlesque artist, cabaret poetry fantasy...the perfect entertainer diva for your event!!


All these videos are teasers, contact me if you would like to see the whole act...




Award Winning Act Mambo Bird


(With this Act La Beti won The World Burlesque Games, London 2015)


Kiki De Madriz


This is a classic Burlesque act inspired in Kiki de Montparnasse and in the 20's vibe with a classy and elegant striptease that includes feather fans routine.


Lady of Spain


The Sexiest spanish lesson!!

This is a Latin Burlesque act where La Beti teaches the audience to say OLE!!




Crazy Lupe


Avant-garde act. This act pays homage to La Lupe, Queen of Lation Soul. She represented the insane and hysterical in Society and La Beti erotically celebrates that.



Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps


Latin Glamour inspired on Carmen Miranda